Conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences


“The new Fellows are drawn from across the spectrum of academia, practitioners and policymakers. They have been recognised after an extensive process of peer review for the excellence and impact of their work through the use of social science for public benefit. This includes substantial contributions and leadership in higher education, government, public health and social policy, funding councils, charitable foundations and think tanks.” Read more.


Want to speed up the process of academic writing?

I have been asked by several people to share my approach to managing citations.   This system seriously speeds up the process of academy writing. It requires Mendeley and Dropbox, a copy of Microsoft Word, and an iPad or Android tablet with the iAnnotate PDF app.



  • all of the papers you read will be in one place, along with your highlights and notes
  • you will be able to access them anywhere on multiple devices
  • you will highlight documents and save notes directly to the pdf
  • you will automatically produce a summary of  the highlights and notes along with the page numbers
  • You will automatically produce the bibliography for your paper… with one click.

This really does work so it is worth spending a bit of time setting it up.

The ‘dd’ Citation Management Workflow: 10 steps.

To say that accidents are due to human failing is like saying falls are due to gravity. It is true but it does not help us prevent them.

Trevor Kletz, An Engineer’s View of Human Error

Presentation on Culture and High Reliability Organizations, York, 20th Jan 2016

Building Resilience Programme

Why is it in industries where large scale risk and potential harm is commonplace, some organisations own a glowing track record of productivity, reliability and safety whilst others struggle? How do they comfortably manage the unexpected whilst others flounder? Business failure and financial ruin haunts directors and CxO’s. When companies do run into trouble, the goal is to ‘bounce back’ rapidly, yet often we see the opposite. We’ve deeply analysed the factors that lead to catastrophe and developed strategies to prevent this. Protect your brand, reputation
and stakeholder value through Building Resilience.  Download.

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