10 rules about rules to promote mindfulness


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I came across this list in an article on enabling and promoting mindfulness in schools in a paper by Wayne Hoy:

  1. there are exceptions to the most rules; find them;
  2. there are times when the rules do not work; suspend them;
  3. some rules encourage mindlessness; avoid them;
  4. some rules support mindfulness; seize on them;
  5. some rules become unnecessary; eliminate them;
  6. routine rules lead to mindlessness; question them;
  7. some rules create dependence; beware of them;
  8. some rules encourage a playful approach; invent them;
  9. rules set precedents; if the precedents are bad, change the rules;
  10. rules are best to guide but not to dictate;


Wayne K. Hoy, (2003),”An analysis of enabling and mindful school structures: Some theoretical, research and practical considerations”, Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 41 Iss: 1 pp. 87 – 109

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