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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Prof. Denyer,

    I’m really interested in your new book: Doing a Literature Review in Business and Management. I’m about to do a systematic literature review on (vage topic so far) “Strategic Problem Solving in MNCs” which I will also present at a conference in November. For my first search I already used the Tranfield Approach but I realized that I really need to go more into the method.

    Do you know when your book is going to be released? I think it will be of great help for my literature review.

    Best regards from Vienna
    Renate Kratochvil

    phd student at the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

    • Thanks for the comment. We are trying to get the book finished in the next few months. These might help:

      Denyer, D. and Tranfield, D. (2009), ‘Producing a Systematic Review’, In: D. Buchanan and A. Bryman (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods. Sage: London, pp. 671-689.

      Briner, R. and Denyer, D. (2012), ‘Systematic Review and Evidence Synthesis as a Practice and Scholarship Tool’, In D.M. Rousseau (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-Based Management. Oxford University Press.

  2. Dear Prof. Denyer,

    My name is Eugene, a British National working in Qatar in one the Qatar 2022 FIFA world cup infrastructures. I am keen on embarking on my PhD in the areas of health and safety and I have seen your works on-line. I am of strong opinion that I would benefit from your wealth of experience and supervision.
    Could you please advise me further on how I can embark on this my life long aspiration?

    Many thanks.