First Place HR Most Influential

I am delighted to have been ranked first in the HR Most Influential 2012 Top 25 UK Thinkers list. The 2012 ranking was unveileded at Claridge’s on 17 September.


HR Most Influential 2012 UK Thinker – position 1

“Outstanding work on high reliability and safety leadership”

“Pioneering evidence-based management worldwide”

“Great application of theory into practice”

“I have changed the way I approach organisational change after working with him – and it has produced fantastic results”

“Rapid understanding of issues and deep dive thinking make him a valuable asset to any organisation”

From the website:

“David Denyer, professor of organisational change at Cranfield University School of Management, jumps straight into the top spot, thanks mostly to his “outstanding work on high reliability and safety leadership” and “pioneering evidence-based management worldwide”. Off all those in our UK Thinkers ranking this year, Denyer appears to have had the most profound practical effect.

“I have changed the way that I approach organisational change within my organisation and it has provided fantastic results, in particular to the recent realignment of the business and restructuring, making a major contribution to our ROI,” says one respondent, a view echoed by another: “Denyer has helped us look at the way we view the changes required after major events. The perspective he has brought has influenced our future approach.”

While being ranked highly by both private and public sector HR directors, Denyer is particularly influential in the latter. “Denyer has been influential in helping trusts understand and develop change following incidents. His challenging, radical approach to organisations’ behaviours pre- and post-major incident will surely have a great impact on the NHS,” says one respondent.

Another adds: “Denyer has worked with hospitals and other public services in developing models for high-reliability organisations. He has been influential in helping our trust consider and develop future models for managing change following major incidents. His rapid understanding of issues and ‘deep dive thinking’ make him a valuable asset to the organisations he works with.”





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