Pathways to Value

How UK firms can create more value using innovation strategically


Written by:
Dr. Tim Edwards, Lead Scholar, Cardiff University
Dr. Giuliana Battisti, Advisory Scholar, Aston University
Dr. Wesley Payne McClendon Jnr., Advisory Scholar, Leeds University
Dr. David Denyer, Project Co-ordinator, Cranfield School of Management
Professor Andy Neely, Deputy Director, Advanced Institute of Management Research

Improving the UK’s competitive position has become a matter of national importance. The DTI Review of UK Manufacturing Policy, published in July 2004, stressed the need for the UK to become a high value economy1. Previous studies including the Porter Report and the DTI Innovation Report2 3 also emphasised the importance of innovation for UK firms to make the transition from competing on the basis of costs to competing on the basis of value.

As part of its ongoing Innovation Review, the DTI asked a group of AIM Scholars to examine how firms in the UK can create more value. This report is a summary of our findings. It addresses issues that go to the heart of improving the UK’s competitive position. Read more

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