To say that accidents are due to human failing is like saying falls are due to gravity. It is true but it does not help us prevent them.

Trevor Kletz, An Engineer’s View of Human Error

“Every day, people have problems for which they do, in fact, have the necessary know-how and procedures. We call these technical problems. But there is a whole host of problems that are not amenable to authoritative expertise or standard operating procedures. They cannot be solved by someone who provides answers from on high. We call these adaptive challenges because they require experiments, new discoveries and adjustments from numerous places in the organisation or community.”

It is better to develop competencies where the money will be made in the future than to cling tenaciously to those skills that made you successful in the past

Christensen, C.M. The Innovators Solution (2003, p. 289)

Leaders create cultures by what they systematically pay attention to. This can mean anything from what they notice and comment on, to what they measure, control, reward and in other ways systematically deal with

Edgar Schein